AdviesManagement consultancy

De adviesdiensten van Van Dijk Water Management B.V. richten zich op diverse gebieden.

Deze worden zichtbaar via de betreffende subpagina’s.In this field of activities interim management projects are the most common. In these projects we temporarily fill in management positions in the wide field of water and environmental management. The most common clients in these projects are organizations responsible for permitting and enforcement.

We guide clients through complex decision-making processes, in all phases of the policy cycle in the arena of national and regional administrative and strategic interests. Project, process and programme management and in-depth knowledge of the subject go together in this kind of projects. After our support organizations can make a fresh start with a new setting, a clear structure and with SMART goals.

In our projects we follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act cyclus in the implementation of a success based strategy. In all these steps we can be of help.




For example in professionalization or capacity building processes of organizations the following steps are executed:

●   Analyses of risks

●   Definition of goals and objectives

●   Definition of organizational conditions

●   Execution process: Definition of procedures and instruction guidelines

●   Monitoring and evaluation




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