Water quality management

Precious water resources worldwide are threatened by pollution from domestic, industrial and agricultural sources. Water pollution control and water quality management are important policy tools to safeguard continued human usage as well as integrity of the aquatic ecosystems.

Proper water quality management requires both technical and institutional efforts on a regional scale. In order to assess the water quality problems in river basins, lakes and reservoirs, inventories of pollutions sources and pollution loads are essential. Given the pollution loads, effects on surface water and groundwater are assessed in terms of various water quality parameters. The water quality assessment is usually a combination of interpretation of field analysis and computer modelling efforts. The assessments will lead to a deeper insight into the cause-effect relationships, and form the basis for water quality restoration strategies and environmental action programs.

Our company can support you with the following products or activities:


  • strategy plans
  • management plans aiming professionalising involved organisations
  • river basin management studies
  • auditing of current management situation
  • master planning and policy development
  • infrastructure and investment planning/feasibility studies
  • waste water purification strategies
  • planning and designing of sewage water treatment systems
  • pollution reduction
  • implementation of (European) legislation
  • practical assessment or introduction of a waste water levying system
  • flood protection plans
  • monitoring plans
  • training of permitting or enforcement inspectors



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